How to Get "Sun Light" With A Lamp

Discover how our products provide sun light:

The Sun Touch Plus generates a gentle yet potent light that helps keep your body’s internal clock balanced. The light therapy lamp emits 10,000 lux light and 17,000 Kelvin UV-free light, which replicates the light produced by a blue sky. This emulates the aura of nature’s most calming settings. The result is a soothing, energizing experience that can help relieve your stress and re-sync your body’s internal clock. 

The Sun Joy brings the light of a springtime morning into your home or office. Using your light therapy lamp on a regular basis during the fall, winter, and spring months will not only keep your moods and energy levels up, but it will also pleasantly brighten your home or office! The Sun Joy will provide a daily experience of natural light and a perfect personal reading lamp.

Help promote a healthy and consistent sleep routine for your little one with the Nature Bright Mini SunFrame. The perfect nursery light, this illuminated art frame provides natural support for your infant’s sleep habits by simulating the natural cycle of sunlight. It gradually shifts from an energizing light in the morning to a soothing light in the evening, helping promote better sleep and brighter days. And thanks to its stylish wooden frame and endearing art, this sleep trainer makes an attractive addition to any nursery. 

Small enough to fit in your carry-on, but powerful enough to deliver light therapy, the Sun Bliss will wake you up rested and energized wherever you may travel. The innovative LED light panels simulate dawn, so your body’s prepared to wake up restfully and punctually. It’s especially helpful for people who travel frequently.



The Sun Frame delivers a sophisticated level of light therapy that focuses on your biological clock. It’s perfect for your home, office, or nursery, and boosts mood and maximizes productivity.

With the BuddyLux Group Light unit, you can treat your entire family or office to the revitalizing effects of indoor light therapy. Thanks to the BuddyLux’s large screen, the unit can deliver light therapy to groups of people as well as pets, making it ideal for use in living rooms, family rooms, conference rooms, and other common areas.



Nature Bright Baby uses scientifically proven SkyEffect technology that mimics the natural cycle of daylight, shifting from revitalizing blue light in the morning and fresh white light during the day to red light therapy in the evening to induce sleepiness. Creating a consistent natural light schedule helps infants respond with the ideal physiological habits, promoting better sleep and brighter days.