Nature Bright Generously Donates 20 Light Therapy Panels to Boston Hope

Nature Bright makes a variety of mood-boosting light therapy products that support the body's circadian rhythm. To help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic, the company kindly donated 20 of its Sun Frame light panels to Boston Hope, a thousand-bed medical facility recently constructed inside the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to serve COVID-19 patients.


Since 2001, Nature Bright has helped individuals through challenging times by offering research-backed therapeutic light fixtures. In collaboration with Harvard University, Nature Bright designed its exclusive SkyEffect™ technology, which emits the optimal color temperature of light for improving the body's natural vigor. The Sun Frame utilizes SkyEffect™ to mimic natural daylight and provide light therapy indoors.



By automatically adjusting to the changes in outdoor lighting throughout the day, the Sun Frame delivers energizing light at dawn, focus-enhancing light in the afternoon, and calming light at dusk. Not only that, but it uses less energy than a standard 100-watt LED light bulb. As an energy-efficient product, it's ideal for medical facilities.

Boston Hope is a joint effort by Partners HealthCare, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP), Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh. The facility was built in an attempt to ensure the city has the medical resources it needs to properly care for both post-acute and homeless COVID-19 patients.



Since patients must remain indoors while they receive care, the Sun Frame light panels have helped them feel less cooped up during their stay. The leadership team at Boston Hope has thanked Nature Bright for its generous contribution, which has had a positive and calming effect on patients' moods.

Along with nearly 50 other organizations and individuals who have donated directly to Boston Hope amid the pandemic, Nature Bright has helped make a difference in the lives of over 700 patients, as well as hundreds of medical staff members.



Nature Bright is passionate about the proven power of circadian lighting. The team at Nature Bright has experienced the benefits first-hand and is dedicated to helping individuals get in-sync with their body's natural clock, elevate their moods, boost their energy, promote calmness, and reduce feelings of anxiety. Throughout the years, the company has provided thousands of people with the essential tool of light therapy, ultimately helping them get through challenging times to achieve a brighter, more vital future.

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