Mimic Sun Light with Nature Bright

Feel the radiance of a cloudless blue sky indoors with Nature Bright's line of light therapy lamps! By harnessing the healing powers of the blue sky, the prescription strength light delivers an optimal amount of blue light rated at 8000 Kelvin, and 10,000 Lux. Our clinically-proven Sky Effect Technology is cool, safe, and comfortable.

Its bright light is sure to deliver a therapeutic sense of well-being in any setting. Whether you seek to start your day with positive momentum or need a quick boost of positive energy, Nature Bright offers powerful yet gentle solutions.


Nature Bright products harness the power of a blue sky to help elevate your mood and general wellness. Our products function on a circadian lighting pattern. Our body’s circadian rhythms are essential for sleeping and waking on a normal 24 hour schedule. Without external cues (the sun rising and setting), our sleep schedules might be delayed and abnormal.

The sun defines our day--literally--and our bodies have evolved to follow its cues. However, modern life can easily disrupt our body’s natural routines--and this may have an impact on sleep, mood, eating patterns, and much more. If you are feeling out of sync, Nature Bright might just have the answer you need. Offering the latest advances in light therapy, Nature Bright products can help brighten your spirits--whether you’re seeking relief from a gray winter’s day or simply want a natural uplifting boost.

Since 2001, Nature Bright has been helping carry people through challenging times and toward a brighter future. The trademarked technology helps enhance your body’s natural vigor by emitting an optimized amount of blue-enriched white light that jumpstarts your body and allows you to power positively through your day. A recognized leader in light therapy and dawn simulation products, our company strives to incorporate the latest innovations in light therapy research into each product we create.