Nature Bright Sun Bliss Pro for Constant Fatigue

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 Small enough to fit in your carry-on, but powerful enough to deliver light therapy for fatigue, the Nature Bright Sun Bliss will wake you up rested and energized wherever you may travel. The innovative LED light panels simulate dawn, so your body’s prepared to wake up restfully and punctually. It’s especially helpful for people who travel frequently and/or deal with constant fatigue.

  • Built-in wake-up light alarm clock - Ensures you wake up when you want, in the best way to deal with your constant fatigue.
  • 6,500~8,000 LUX bright light therapy - Provides a chemical- and UV-free way to enhance your mood and improve your rest.
  • 3-position adjustable stand - Adapts to your personal preferences.
  • High performance LED and advanced optical lenses - Brighten your morning with the latest in light therapy research.

A modern alarm clock for modern travelers.

30 minutes before your desired wake-up time, the Miroco®’s LED light panel gradually builds toward a 6,500~8,000 LUX, awakening your body as calmly as a quiet dawn.

Clinical studies prove that dawn simulation can reset our body’s inner clock into a more natural rhythm. Rather than getting jolted awake by a blaring alarm allows you to start your day the way you were meant to, as if under the rising sun. And because it plugs into outlets, you never have to worry about battery failure or oversleeping.

Designed with you in mind.

If you ever feel fatigued after waking up, SunBliss Pro is the solution. It’s ideal for travelers, people who want to improve their circadian patterns, or anyone who wants to start their day pleasantly.


  • Built in wake-up light alarm clock for constant fatigue
  • Max 8,000 LUX bright light therapy
  • 3-position adjustable stand
  • High performance LED and advanced optical lenses

US Patent No. US D695,412 S

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