SunFrame Mini

$59 $139.99
A natural sleep solution & productivity tool for all ages

The Nature Bright SunFrame Mini promotes a healthy sleep routine for adults, children, and even infants while providing clinically validated sleep-induced red light and energizing awakening bright light during a course of time. The same lighting program is installed in NASA international space center to help astronauts to sleep better. In addition, the SunFrame Mini is a compact version of our original SunFrame, an energizing productivity tool that mimics natural light. With a high-quality classic solid wood frame and easy-to-use LED light system, the Nature Bright SunFrame Mini can help you and your family develop healthy sleep and wake cycle.


The Nature Bright SunFrame Mini uses scientifically proven SkyEffect technology that mimics the natural cycle of daylight, shifting from revitalizing cool light in the morning and fresh white light during the day to red light in the evening. The effect induces sleepiness at night and improves energy during the day. Creating a consistent and natural light schedule helps people of all ages develop beneficial physiological habits, promoting better sleep and mood. The compact size (9.6” by 9.6”) allows it to fit on nightstands, dressers, desks, mantles, or any other surface in your home or office

Features a continuum of light that changes throughout a 24-hour cycle and illuminates artwork inside wood frame.

Offers wake-up light alarm clock that follows a circadian rhythm.

Available with a white wood frame versatile enough to match any decor.

Automatically adjusts light as time of day changes.

Offers dozens of images to choose from and can be customized with your own photos

Features adjustable timing that can be set to your unique schedule.

Uses less energy than a standard light bulb.

The SunFrame Mini’s evening transition to red light is a science-backed light therapy method designed to help you get to sleep. While blue light exposure before bed can inhibit melatonin production and contribute to sleeplessness, red light does it opposite. The warm hue from the SunFrame Mini’s evening light mode helps your body produce melatonin which will make you feel drowsier when it’s time to go to sleep.


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