Sun Joy

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The Sun Joy brings natural light into your home, office, or bathroom. Using your light therapy lamp on a regular basis will not only keep your moods and energy levels up, but it will also pleasantly brighten the profile of your face for makeup or skin care routines. The Sun Joy is a dynamic light that may be used as a makeup light, task lamp, or reading light. You can rest assured that the Sun Joy unit was designed with the highest quality and safety standards. With three light settings and two light intensity modes, you can adjust the color temperature and brightness to your exact needs. When putting on your makeup, you need light to match the natural color temperature outside, otherwise you may end up with ghost-like makeup or an orange skin tone. The Sun Joy solves this problem by allowing you to match the color temperature to the natural one outside at the specific time of day you are doing your makeup. You can now do your makeup or skincare, while simultaneously supporting your biological needs of light therapy that can provide higher energy levels and improve circadian rhythms. 

Key Features:
UV-Free 10,000 LUX light
3 lighting modes (morning, daylight, or evening) and two intensity levels
Adjustable orientation to fit your needs
Perfect for applying makeup
Pre-selected timer (30, 60, 90 minutes)

Multi-tasking: Light Therapy and Make-Up Light
The Sun Joy functions on a circadian lighting pattern. Our body’s natural circadian rhythms are essential for sleeping and waking on a normal 24 hour schedule. Without external cues (the sun rising and setting), our sleep schedules might be delayed or abnormal. Luckily, the Sun Joy can be used while doing typical morning makeup routines or nightly skincare, so you never have to worry about making time for light therapy. The Sun Joy mimics three different color modes to mimic different times of day to give your body a dose of natural light at the right time. 

UV-Free 10,000 LUX Light:
Sun Joy provides a solution to simulate natural daylight. 10,000 lux can not only help boost happy moods and regulate your sleep, but it is enough light to match your makeup to the right time of day. At the beginning of your day, you need a blue-tinted light to mimic natural morning light to wake up and do your makeup. During the middle of the day, you have a white light to avoid the typical afternoon sluggishness. At night, you have a warmer light temperature to keep your body on track to get to sleep at the correct time. 

Make-Up and Skin Care:
Everyone knows how tough it is to find a great light to do your makeup in. Typically traveling in hotels and living in smaller and darker spaces make it a challenge to do your makeup. The Sun Joy is the perfect light to adjust to your exact needs, so you’ll never walk outside with mismatched foundation or unblended eyeshadows. Use the blue light when doing your makeup in the morning. Use the orange light to take your makeup off or do skincare at night to make sure you avoid blue light waves which keep our bodies awake. The different color temperatures and brightness levels will allow for better clarity and accurate yet vivid colors when doing makeup. 

Portable and Convenient: 
Whether traveling to the airport, work, school, or switching hotels constantly, the Sun Joy can be packed away for easy traveling. The folding stand makes it convenient to prop up to do your makeup, even on small surfaces where you don’t have a lot of space. Just fold, plug in, and power up your light to easily and quickly start your morning makeup routine; no hassle with multiple cords or adjustable folding stands that take minutes to set up. 

Helps Improve Mood and Energy:
Using the Sun Joy on a regular basis can help keep your mood and energy levels up, especially during the fall and winter. A challenge with typical light therapy can be that people find it hard to make time to sit in front of a light for 30 minutes. Now you can continue with your typical makeup or skincare routine and experience light therapy with ease and no interruptions to your day. 

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