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Per2 LED Daylight Lamp
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NatureBright - Leader in Light Therapy Technology since 2003

Per2 LED Daylight Lamp

Not Your Regular Lamp

A Naturalistic Daylight Rhythm Simulator That Mimics Day, Dawn and Dusk Lighting For Better Reading, Sleep, Mood and Energy.

✽ High performance LED reading and ambient lamp
✽ Ultra-Modern Design
✽ Intense Clarity
✽ 3D lamp adjustment design
✽ Simulates naturalistic daylight rhythm
✽ Mimics sunrise and sunset
✽ Digital alarm clock
✽ Brightness adjustable from 500 lm to 1000 lm
✽ Color Rendering Index (RA) 80 up
✽ Up to 50,000 Hours in life span
✽ Saves up to 90% electricity

✽ Resets body’s circadian rhythm
✽ Improves sleep
✽ Enhances alertness and energy level
✽ Promotes concentration and learning skills
✽ Reduces eye strainClinically proven!

✽ Lamp base 4.5 inches square
✽ Lamp arm 12 inches long
✽ The LED array (surface) consists of 6 high-power LEDs in 3 rows
✽ Different color temperature settings 6500 K morning light from 5am-1pm
✽ 4000 K afternoon light from 1pm to 9pm
✽ 2700 K evening light from 9pm to 5am

What is Per2?

Per2 is a gene. It is a component of the circadian clock mechanism which is essential for generating circadian rhythms. Per2 LED Daylight Lamp understands nature’s daylight rhythm from dawn to dusk. Per2 uses its smart light to interact with our body’s inner clock.

lifestyle_per2-by-naturebright-2_smallPer2 is intelligent

Per2 gives you a living light on your desk and in your room, which can be one’s sacred place for creation and ideas. Per2’s living light is your best companion for enjoying freedom after escaping from stress and the monotony of daily routine. This light’s dawn and dusk simulation and daylight rhythm facilitate this escape, bringing the advantages of natural light indoors.

Per2 is all-in-one

It’s 3D adjustment design breaks away from the limitations of conventional lighting. The Per2 can be transferable from a reading lamp to ambient light in less than a second. It can remain in one’s bedroom, giving a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the night and gently waking you up in the morning. Over time, its light will adjust your circadian rhythm to energize you in the morning and calm you in the afternoon.

Per2 is your lifetime companion

Compared to conventional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps, Per2 LED has higher Color Rendering Index (RA) and is flickering free. Safe low voltage of 5VDC and heat ventilation design make lamp always cool to touch, making it safe for children. The capability it has to last for an extreme lifespan of 50,000 hours is equivalent to over 17 years of usage. Literally, Per2 lasts a lifetime.

Circadian science behind design

Over the last 100 years we have stopped being sunlight creatures and started being artificial-light creatures till NOW. From the cutting edge LED technology and dawn dusk simulation to the changing color temperatures developed in lighting research center and sleep lab, this state of the art Daylight Lamp is designed and created based on circadian science. Clinical studies sponsored by Nature Bright prove that simulating the natural daylight rhythm around us can reset our body’s inner clock for better sleep and activities. This holistic approach to bettering everyday life was aimed at creating a lamp that is both for general lighting as well as improving overall health and wellbeing by simulating dynamic natural sunlight.

Clinically proven

Study by a research team in Medical University of South Carolina proves that Per2’s simulation of dawn and dusk improves sleep quality, increases sleep time and reduces consumption of coffee in daytime.

lifestyle_per2-by-naturebright-1_smallWhat can you expect after using Per2?

It increases motivation and alertness, while suppressing low mood, eyestrain, and fatigue. With the quality and usability that the structure of this lamp encompasses, its healing powers are disguised as an everyday household item, ready to turn on and create a more natural environment.

This light has the added ability to reduce eyestrain from its state of art LEDs. Conventional lamps have mono color temperature that disrupts our circadian rhythm, often straining the retina of the eye due to intense use when reading a book for too long. The Per2 diminishes strain and provides a more naturalistic and relaxed light that is easier on our eyes. Using Per2 in your life, you will read better, sleep better and feel better!

Whom does the Per2 benefit the most?

With its ability to reduce eyestrain and fatigue, the Per2 LED Daylight Lamp is most desired by students and elderly. However, its capability to be adjusted to create ambient lighting makes this light usable for anyone in his or her home. This lamp focuses on the lack of natural light within the house, office and everyday life as it mimics an earthier environment with its dawn/daylight rhythm and dusk simulation.